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How much does it cost?

Basic version is free

The basic version of Carlos Droid is free of charge without any time limitation. Download it from Google Play and check the car location in your smart phone. Free version offers the location check, trusted devices management, contacts management and Agent monitoring. Beside the features in basic version there are some interesting paid features.

Unlimited vehicles

In its basic version Carlos Manager can manage only one Agent, one vehicle respectively. Buying this feature will enbable Carlos Manager to manage unlimited amount of Agents. This could be handy if you need monitor more than one vehicle.

Vehicle tracking

Vehicle tracking enables Agent to periodically send vehicle location based on the request from Carlos Manager. Manager sends request to Agent 'send me location every X minutes' and Agent start sending the location in requested interval. Location update can be also limited by condition 'only if there is no trusted device in range'.

24/7 Supervision

Do you want be informed about unauthorised vehicle movement immediately? That's exactly what this feature does. When the 24/7 supervision is bought Agent actively monitors vehicle location and sends notifiction whenever a unexpected movement is detected. Carlos Manager receives the notification and plays loud alarm sound to let the owner know that something is happening.