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What is Carlos Droid about...

Carlos is a smart car alarm and GPS locator for your car. There is a android smart phone hidden inside of the guarded vehicle and it runs application called Carlos Agent. Agent monitors car location, tracks its movement and actively monitors trusted devices in its vicinity. Such a trusted device is usually car owner's phone or his wife's phone. When there is a trusted device within range the car can move normally. Otherwise, if the car is moving without any trusted device in range it could be considered as a unauthorised movemont which is reported to the car owner by notification. The SMS is processed by Carlos Manager application which is installed in the car owner's phone and it plays loud alarm sound to inform owner about the unexpected event. Carlos Manager can control Agent, request the current location, view it on a map, track the car's position, and much more. Carlos Manager can also communicate with more Agents which is useful when you want to keep track of multiple cars.

Carlos continuously monitors your vehicles and if necessary it can help you to find it. You will love the feeling of "having things under control".

The following video shows other possibilities of car alarm and GPS locator Carlos Droid

Interestering isn't it? Hake a look how it looks like in real smart phone.